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Included in the basic package at no extra charge:

  1. One simple motion effect: This can be used on both on text and graphics (see the home page, some examples are: client lists, news or features lists, rotation of text blocks, mouse over effects, on select (touch & click) changes and more.

  2. Favourites/bookmark icon: A purely cosmetic graphic but the modest graphic does add a little something and is included in the standard single page design package. Usually initials or small versions of logos or other graphics are used, some samples below ...

  3.   A simple website contact form: Contact forms helps web mail users like Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail & Yahoo! Mail get in contact. For this type of visitor forms mean visitors don't have to open a new web mail page and copy or key in your email address. See the contact page for the form layout.

  4. Secure Email: Using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). A security protocol to send information securely over the Internet on your included email address(es). Access your secure web mail from a web page or a large number of email software packages.

  5. Multi Browser Tested: With the diversity of internet capable devices, websites need to work on multiple hardware platforms and web browsers. The single page website package includes testing with: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Android (Smart Phones & Tablets).

  6. W3C Compliant   Your single page website will also be verified as W3C compliant unless some non compliant 3rd party add-ons (like you tube videos) are used.

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